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Opus and IBM Think Centre

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  • Opus and IBM Think Centre

    I have an IBM ThinkCentre and an Opus 150.

    My problem is that the mobo doesn't have anywhere to connect the green and white power up wires.

    The IBM has 2 normally open contacts on its Power Switch, rather than 1 normally open, and these connect via an 8 pin plug that also connects the Power and hard drive LEDs to the mobo.

    What I need to know is how can I mod this to make the Opus work with it?

    It seems to me I could do this with a relay. 2 issues with this:

    1. What is the output of the green and white wires? What could be connected to it? I know that it is polarity sensitive.
    2. Reading elsewhere in the forum the Opus needs to know that the green/white cable is connected to the mobo before it will power up? What is it looking for?

    I have emailed Opus tech support twice and so far not received a reply.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    good luck getting a reply from opus.. why don't you try carnetix.. they are very helpfull and prompt..


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      call opus