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opus draining battery?

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  • opus draining battery?

    i dont drive my van much cause its nice out and i ride my motorcycle, today i fekt like some good eating so i was gona get in my van and go to McDonalds, it was deader then hell.

    my question is, i notice my usb devices still get power when the opus is off and so is the car, all i really have is the gps mouse(rikaline 6010) and the touchscreen on my tview, this shouldnt be anough to drain my battery should it? i mean if my van gets used only a few times a week for a few short trips, should i expect it to drain?

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    well the opus drained my BRAND NEW GOLD autozone battery in 2 days of no driving, I had that battery for only 2 weeks or so. That was my second battery the opus killed of mine.

    Then i got the $160 optima yellow top, its been in there for a few months now and never a problem, i listen to music on it for atleast 30 minutes 5 days a week and with the car not running and I just last week i didnt drive the car for 4 days straight and when i went to start the car, it cranked without any hesitation.


    Opus offers a mod they do to kill all power, you can contact them to find out more, i emailed them a week ago and havent heard a response yet.


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      is the mod free? wish i would have known, i just got my damn opus back from opus. i have a optima yellow top just sitting in my closet, but the engine compartment in my van is so dirty and deformed its almost too nice to put in there.

      i thought maybe there was a way to cut the power using the bios on the motherboard but i didnt see anything.


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        yea the opus 150 still provides 5v power to usb and stuff as per ATX specs. Do a on this forum and you will find out to do a mod using a relay to fix this problem unless you want to send it in and pay opus to mod it for you.


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          I had emailed OPUS about this problem. I have the OPUS 120w and they said that this wont happen with OPUS 120, supposedly it was fixed, have any of you heard about this on the 120?
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            is there a reason someone hasent just opened a opus and tried to duplicate it and make there own fixes for these problems?


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              for about $20 opus will disable the 5vsb on the opus 150w. I already did it. Just contact them, ship it to them. turn around time of about a week.

              Or for about $10, hit radio shack and do the 5vsb disable mod to the opus 150w. The choice is yours.
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                is there a detailed description of how the mod. is done?


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                  My guess would be to melt something off the board. Should be easy.
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                    why not just flip it off with a relay when your going to let it sit overnight?
                    Is this where the witty comment goes?
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                      My guess would be to melt something off the board. Should be easy.
                      are you kidding or is that your idea of a detailed description, you would be perfect for helping 0l33l writing a help file for navivoice.

                      it can go something like this...

                      yeah so tell the stick looking thing what you want and ahh it should be pretty easy.


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                        Here is the schematic for this mod

                        The PSON is pin 14 on the ATX power connector, and the +5VSB is pin 9.
                        There is a pinout diagram of the connector.
                        Any decent 12V dual pole relay should work for this
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                          by the way on some motherboard there is a jumper which allows to set if USB devices have to be powered or not when pc is off, chech your mainboard manual and see if it's possible to do this
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                            excuse my electrical stupidity but what is that device that is on the 12v rail past the 1st diode? It looks like a battery meter?
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                              Originally posted by DJKhan85
                              excuse my electrical stupidity but what is that device that is on the 12v rail past the 1st diode? It looks like a battery meter?
                              it's the relay coil; search this diagram was taken from a huge post with all the detailed information