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Need help: Where to drill hole in Yukon firewall for power wire?

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  • Need help: Where to drill hole in Yukon firewall for power wire?

    I've got my carputer set up and working on the bench so I decided to proceed with running the power wire from the battery to the M1-ATX. After looking around for a while I can't find a good location that is easily accessible from under the dash as well as in the engine compartment. Where did you other yukon or tahoe owners drill your holes?

    I think maybe my problem is that I bought some stranded 12/3 wire in a sheath so the whole I need to drill is fairly large.

    Now, after purchasing the wire I read a couple posts where people recommended not running the ground wire back to the battery because of the increased chance of picking up interference. My plan was to run all three wires in the sheathing from the engine compartment (positive & negative from the battery and the third wire from the fuse block to signal the ignition on state) through the firewall to the console. Does this sound like a bad idea? I was hoping not to touch any of the existing wires under the dash.

    Thanks in advance,
    Eric Q.

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    Eric, it's how most people do it.

    Don't look from the inside of the car - there's usually sound-blocking foam there. I looked from the bottom of the outside. Best spot. There's usually enough space next two the steering column, or some other lines where you can squeeze some wire in. Don't forget to cut the foam on the other side first. I usually do this with a big ol screw driver first.


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      Before you drilling any hole thru the firewall, check for clearance on both side. But before that, you should look around the brake booster/reservor can area. Usually there are rubber gommet/plug where the clutch reservor should be on manual car/truck. If you find one, use that hole.
      If one exist, "share" the wire with the wire loom from both side of the engine compartment
      Drilling thru a wirewall is the last thing you do.
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