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These are awesome connectors

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  • These are awesome connectors

    For all of you that are wanting a way that you can create a high amperage disconnect for your DC-DC power supplies. I just redid my power supply lines with these powerpole connectors from anderson. They are great, I purchased the 45amp versions but you can get much higher amperage if you need.

    I bought mine directly from anderson

    you can find them here

    now for some pictures of them

    as you can see they slide together so you can make custom connectors, I used them to make the 5v and 12v connections diffrent in my dash so I dont plug something in the wrong way

    here are my 2 opuses connected up with these connectors

    So for anyone thatís looking for a great alternative to crimp connectors I highly recommend these

    oh yeah and thanks to scouse for turning me on to these
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    Damn good idea. Nice connectors.


    Don't just take JCDillins reccomendation - they are very very good. I used em on RC cars that destroyed just about any other connector


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      I knew it was in there, but it was buried deep in a thread, it neds to be out here in the open!! and we needed pictures of them in action
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        Is there a UK supplier?


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          Well you might check fleabay, because I was able to get a 2nd batch from there for about the same price
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            Originally posted by UK_MP3Car
            Is there a UK supplier?
            Radio spares and Model shops (but both will not be the cheapest around). Might wanna check CPC/Farnell and Rapid electronics. Or jsut give Anderson a bell and fnd out.


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     also sells them.
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                I use these at work with a RigRunner as a bench test rig. Good stuff!
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                  Very cool!
                  Do any of you know if anyone makes a through-case version of these? I'd like to have my power supply connectors plug into the case, rather than via loose wires....

                  (By through-case, I mean that the connector mounts to the case using screws, then the opposite connector is joined via a hole in the case.)
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                    If you look at the manufacturers site you will see various mounting options - one be the type of thing you are looking for.

                    There is also a semi-circle on each connector that forms a full circle for mounting and locking the connectors together.


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                      How easy are these to connect/disconnect if you compare it to a molex plug? I am looking for an easy yet sturdy connect/disconnect solution for an application that would normally use molex. A male/female barrel connector set would be awesome, but my assumption is that a barrel connector will not work as I think it's only two pole and it seems that molex uses 4 wires. But I really don't know what I'm talking about either! lol


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                        These connectors are much easier to disconnect than molex but you would need 4 connectors to replicate a 4 pin molex. And you can assemble them in any way you want (4 in a row, a square, L shape etc etc) They would be bigger than a molex but they also have a nice positive click when you connect them together - unlike molex and they wont suffer from crappy pins opening up as they are curved silver plated blades that overlap and lock together.


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                          and at powerwerx the 30-amp ones are under $1 per set (one red, one black) in quantities of 10, 25, or more... and only a little bit more expensive for the 45-amp ones... those are very impressive prices to me... FINALLY I can use something much better than stupid molex connectors
                          But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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                            These are great, I don't have any, but I do remember using these about 10 years ago in my RC cars hehe. Tip: if you replace all your connectors with these, you might want to make a New Connecter > Molex adapter incase you need to test hardware with other machines or vice versa.
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