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dell sx260 dc power supply?

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  • dell sx260 dc power supply?

    I have a dell sx260 desktop pc, however it is built with laptop componets and has an external powersupply. My question is, since this has 2 12+v and 1 5+V inputs and then to 12-v on the plug, can i just make an adaptor for it, that will regulate the cars battery to constant 12v and then use resistors to take the one down to 5v?

    I am going to use a seperate battery too, but it will be tied in with the main one, I think you do this with an isolator?

    I think that makes sense... email me if it doesnt

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    There is no 5V in the power supply... the remote is there to turn on the power supply. I have mine wired up like the post above...