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Zalman 5V PSU?

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  • Zalman 5V PSU?

    While cleaning up the 44oz of soda that my son poored into my parts box I came across 1 of my Zalman fan controllers. It takes 12v in and puts out between 5v-12v. I have no clue what kind of amperage its capable of but it would be cool if I could power a USB hub with it. Anyone know how to figure out what kind of amperage a PSU is capable of putting out?

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    Looks like its using the fairchild KA8705 voltage regulator. This is a fixed output 5v regulator.

    Looks like I can get 1A at 5v from this. Any idea if this is enough to power my USB hub? Currently I have a GPS, thumb keyboard, and trackball running off the hub which is unpowered and have no problems. I would like to add a slim optical drive to the hub but I run into problems when I do.