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USB power issues - opinions please

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  • USB power issues - opinions please

    I have an Epia M, 512MB ram Opus 90W, slim DVD, 2.5"HDD in a Morex 3688 case.

    That is connected to a mini 4port USB hub (self powered nothing connected) and a 4port USB2 hub with 5V power off the Opus/molex. 7" lilli is powerd off the opus as well.

    USB devices connected to either USB2 hub or to the MB are a Griffin iMic USB "sound card", a gps mouse (PGM-111 80mA), and the lilli touch.

    With that arrangement all is well. However, I have an XMPCR, a better USB sound option (M-Audio Transit), and a Linksys USB 802.11 that I would like to use. Starting with the XMPCR, no matter where it's plugged in to the above config, the computer starts, POST, WinXP screen (blue progress bar), then the MB shuts down, green led goes out on the Opus, no blinking, power to the case and USB's are intact, but the only way to recover is to pull the power and start over (I have managed to corrupt the file system TWICE!). I can add the XMPCR on the fly and it works, I can connect all of the above in the house (60W PS that came with the case, lilli plugged into AC) - no problems.

    So, I assume it is a USB 5V rail problem, but the PSU is not reading overload or shutting itself off. Is this a power from the MB problem?? Would it be reasonable to cut the 5V wire in the USB line to the USB2 hub (so all of the power comes from the PSU)?? Do I need another source of 5V power or an Opus 150? This problem has been a little painful, I must say.

    Any insight appreciated, and yes I have searched and read and read some more. It seems to me this config should work, +/- the 802.11. Sorry for the long post and Thanks!!

    Via Epia M-10000 / Morex 3688 / Lilliput 7" / Opus 90W
    Acura TSX / Done!

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    OK, no replies to that one.

    How about this crazy idea. I have another power supply laying around (morex "car kit" 60W). What if i mounted that to the top of my case and connected it with a relay off the opus. Using the second power supply for the USB hub 5V and the lilliput 12V....

    Or how about one of these for 5V:

    Via Epia M-10000 / Morex 3688 / Lilliput 7" / Opus 90W
    Acura TSX / Done!


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      Originally posted by zaxxon
      Not sure about your problem....

      But regarding a 5v option...
      Old setup
      Epia M10k, Cubid 2699R case, 512MB, 40GB 3.5" drive
      New setup
      Optiplex 260SX (2.8GHz P4, 512MB, 30GB, DVD)
      Xenarc 700IDT, USB hub, 802.11g, bluetooth, P2140, P5V