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Startup/Shutdown controller and inverter?

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  • Startup/Shutdown controller and inverter?

    I am going to be using a 500 Watt power inverter and am looking at using the Micro Startup/Shutdown controller, In what order do i place these. I am going to hard wire in the inverter so i am thinking it should go

    Battery--> 100 AMP fuse(for protection?)--> Micro Startup/Shutdown controller-->Power Inverter(DC-AC)-->(AC-DC)Computer Power supply

    Does that seem right? because there is a control wire that goes directly to the mother board, that will tell the computer to boot up.Does anyone know where i can get a 100AMP fuse?

    So i am thinking that with this set up that the inverter will turn on and then the computer will come on also. I would appreciate any knowledge or someone to point me in the right direction.