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loss on constant outputs momentary 12v+

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  • loss on constant outputs momentary 12v+

    I'm using the only serial port I have, so I can't intergrate the UPS controller solution found here
    But I still want to use the circuit for my 'shutdown controller'. So I aim to find a way to send a pulse (to trigger a relay) to hit the power button (thus shutting off the computer) when i lose 12v+ on my acc. I think if I take this circuit
    and move the cap/resistor to the 12v+ side, it should do the trick, correct? If not, whats the proper way to do this?
    thanks in advance

    EDIT: er, what i wrote is definately not the way to do it. That'll only give it additional power for a second or two after loss, right? I'm lost at this point
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