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Will inverters draw current when car is off?

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  • Will inverters draw current when car is off?

    I have 90% of the parts for my system ready to go. I am just now making some last minute design changes. My current setup plan utilizes a $30 inverter I bought off ebay (150 watts) and the mini-shutdown controller from to control power.

    My plan calls for wiring the inverter directly to the battery and leaving it on at all times (even when the car is off). Will this be an issue for battery life? I understand I will not be drawing any power off the inverter but it's still going to be using energy (I believe). Is this going to kill my battery? If so, I'm going to go with a DC car adaptor that I probably should have gotten in the first place.

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    You can always route the + terminal of the inverter through the big-ol relay on the shutdown controller. :-D


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      Mine had a small draw but nothing that was devastating. I have a sears 700watt inverter in my cadi pc and the same one was in a tahoe before it. I changed from the stock battery to an optima red top max cca for the vehicle, it was definitely worth it. After that no tank circuit was needed and I could crank the car with no reboot. The only time it reboot on crank is if the computer and monitor were on for a while say 30-60 minutes or so with the truck off. Hope this helps


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          Alright, great... good to hear. So, I should fine I guess. If not I can hook up a relay to my controller. Cool. Correct me if I got that wrong.