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Which power supply should I be getting?

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  • Which power supply should I be getting?

    Alright guys, newbie here, so please bear with me

    I have done lots of reading on the forum and have seen lots of mixed reviews, and I also have some questions about some of the DC-DC PSU's

    The things that I plan to be running are:
    P3-866 on ASUS s370 mATX board
    288mb ram
    120gb HD
    wireless mouse/kb

    I'll probably be getting a 7" Xenarc screen for display.

    Now the question is, what power supply should I get? I keep on reading that getting DC-DC would be a lot more efficient than using a regular PSU w/ invertor, but it's also more costly. I've seen a lot of people recommending the OPUS over the m1-atx. If I am to get an OPUS, which one should I get? For the price difference, it looks like I might as well go with the 150w version, but I see quite a number of bad comments about it too.

    The other questions is, do the OPUS come with the startup/shutdown controller built-in? Or would I still need to buy that seperately?

    Third and final, should I wait for the 300w to come out? Or does it not affect me at all? Do you guys thinks the 150w etc. will dro in price?

    Thanks in advance for the help guys! Thanks for being patient with the newbie.

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    Have you read the "power supplies explained" FAQ in the FAQ Emporium? It will answer your question about the Opus, which BTW, does come with integrated startup/shutdown controller.

    Your decision about which power supply to purchase should take into account the number of watts your system consumes. The above mentioned thread also has links to power calculators that will allow you to determine whether the Opus 150 is suitable.
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