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Well, my OPUS seems to work fine - first try no problems... except +5vsb of course

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  • Well, my OPUS seems to work fine - first try no problems... except +5vsb of course

    So I finally installed my computer (which replaced the laptop) with the opus 150 installed, and everything booted up just fine the first try. Only complaint is the +5vsb staying on, which I will have to remedy somehow. Currently my powermate flashes when the PC is off and I am away from my car. Looks like a cool alarm LED, but not my cup of tea... plus I do not want the battery to potentially die.

    This is meant to be a positive post in regards to opus products. I know so many people see all the "another opus problem" threads, but very few 'my opus works great' threads - as expected.

    I will keep you updated if anything does go wrong, but so far it survives crank with a MSI k7n2gm-v mobo, athlon mobile 2500, 120gb WD 3.5" HD, XM direct, and misc USB devices. Not ALOT of load, but a typical setup that most would potentially have. I should mention that I am running an optima red top, which helps quite a bit I am sure.

    I am going to look into adding a second battery so that I would be able to send the computer into standby, but I am not 100% sure on how easy/effective it will end up being.

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    You're right - Too many people say bad things but never the good

    I have an opus 150w and i've never had a problem either. The 5v problem is easily fixed. There is a solution in the power threads somewhere

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