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Power Draw Problems. Diagnostics?

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  • Power Draw Problems. Diagnostics?

    I have a problem with the first boot of my computer alot of the time, sometimes its cured by reset once, other times it takes a few attempts.

    Display does come up, and i do get a post screen, and it hangs on the DDR400 part of post. before detecting hard drives. The cpu temperature comes up as 1?5. And the voltages dont appear.

    Im running a micro atx mainboard with onboard vid, a 2.5ghz celeron processor, a lillitput 7" screen (powered by the opus 150watt), 512mb of ddr400 ram.
    Now sometimes a simple reset can cure the problem. also powering down and up can.

    How can i test and see if the psu isnt man enough?
    problem is the fault is so intermitant (only happens when pc is left off overnight etc) that its really hard to put my finger on exactly what it is.

    I have tested the voltages on the 3.3v, the 5v, and the 12v. And all are stable and strong. I have tested the voltages while the hard drive is spinning up and its sitting at a stable 12.45volts the whole time.

    How can i tell for sure if its a power issue? would the voltage drop on post if it was?

    This has really got me stumped.

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    One or more voltages would almost certainly be out of whack if it were a power consumption problem, however I would still try a standard atx psu if convenient. Other than that I'd start with prime95 and memtest. Google will quickly and easily tell you what both of those are for and where to download them.


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      i tried it with a normal psu, and it booted okay.


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        today it booted ok first time in the car. its so strange lol


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          I have a moca 7043 pc and with all my usb gear hooked up I have a similar problem. For one I know I have a power issue and I ordered a P1900 to take care of that. Two is a heat issue, it seems that even with an inadaquate power supply it works unitl the pc gets hot, like 122 degrees and up. As a test I if I pulled out a USB device like my DVD drive the boot continued. Mind u everything works when its cold.