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Opus has some good people working for them

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  • Opus has some good people working for them

    I was going to revive my original thread about my 120W psu problem:

    But instead you can have the cliff notes:
    • psu wouldn't power mobo
    • sent psu and mobo to opus and they "matched" the psu to the mobo
    • worked for a week and died again
    • sent back to opus again
    Here we pick up with some email exchanges:

    Originally posted by Rafal
    It looks as if though you had some sort of leak that shorted the power supply. There are signs of moisture on the bottom side of the board.
    Originally posted by Me
    Well, I'm really sorry to hear that. That's an expensive lesson. Thanks for your help with all my calls. Because you've been so helpful, I'm probably going to replace it with another. Damn shame.
    Originally posted by Rafal
    The board is short internaly. I'll try to fix it, we'll have to charge you for the parts and labor though. It will still be cheaper than a new one if it's not totaly dead.
    Originally posted by Me
    Well, that certainly would be nice. I was about to buy a new one. I hope it does work out, that would be a less painful lesson.
    At this point I made a few calls (it took him a couple days to get to it). He estimated $50 for parts/labor. His email today:
    All good. The total cost with shipping will be $30. Our accounting department will contact you on monday.
    I found the source of the water leak and I should be back running again next week. I think he might have been testing me at first to see if I'd take responsibility for the damage before he offered to fix it. I don't mind though, he's a damn nice guy. We're almost on a first name basis now
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    Now that is how to run a business...
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      kind of makes me want to buy an opus. just because.