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OPUS 12v/ground mismatch?

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  • OPUS 12v/ground mismatch?

    Is it ok if i just run a +12v from my opus to my lilliput but then ground to the chassis near the screen? The cable i'm pulling the +12v (yellow) from is the floppy drive power (no floppy) which is inline with the power to my CD-R/DVDd-ROM. This mismatch between whats going out and whats coming back to the opus won't be a problem for the drive or the PSU will it?
    Thanks in advance as always, you guys save my butt over and over.
    02 Camaro SS
    Opus 150W($150 used) Morex Venus 668 Case($109) Epia M10k($166) 128 Megs ($0), Maxtor 200Gig($76) CD-R/DVD($29) Lilliput 7"($285) Buffalo Airstation($42) Holux GPS($53) GM10-AUX(audio input, $72)
    Tot: $983
    Buying stereo!