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Best way to power a lacie d2?

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  • Best way to power a lacie d2?

    the problem ive got is that im running my system off a laptop which obviously restricts me in file sizes.

    ive only really got one option and thats to plug a lacie in via firewire (im looking around 250GB)

    now ive already got a d2 250gb for my desktop, the psu says:

    DC output
    5v 2.0A 10W
    12v 2.2A 26.4W

    how would you guys power this in a car?
    would you use an inverter? i was thinking i could get a cheap 12v mini itx psu and run a hard disc off that but its cheaper to get the inverter.

    the rest of the system is gonna be running off a 2nd battery

    so basically what would you do if you needed more storage on a laptop but it has to be a 3.5" drive?

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    Why does it have to be a 3.5" drive, exactly?

    I'm using an ADSTech external 2.5" enclosure that runs firewire on my CarPC. It's currently hooked up and powered through the 6-pin firewire plug on my CarPC.

    It works with a laptop too, and comes with a 6-pin to 4-pin wire to plug into the laptop, plus it powers the drive off a USB port. I think the case is (was, at least) around $100. Then just get any notebook drive you want. I know BestBuy sells a Seagate 100Gb for $200.

    Or just find portable harddrives that run off USB..


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      it has to be 3.5 because i need high capacity at low cost.
      it cant be usb as i have 7 usb devices already.
      it has to be 4 pin firewire as thats all i have.

      its deffo gonna be a 3.5, im just trying to figure out how best to power it.

      its looking like im gonna have to get a psu and power the drive off that. i also need to power a dvd rom in the dash so it would make sense to power them together.