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  • Advice on Powering my System


    I'm about to start wiring for my system (just ordered my xenarc from the mp3car store yesterday ), and I was looking for some advice on powering my system.

    I would like to run a barrier strip to the trunk and run my devices off that. I would like to power the 7" xenarc, a g2g rca only 5" screen, and an av selector from the dc power. I would also like to run a 300W inverter off it and power an xbox and a portable dvd player from there. I'm also powering a head unit and speakers but those are already set up. Later I plan to add a carpc, a few other frills, and hopefully an amp and sub.

    So my questions is how should I go about running the barrier strip. Should I purchase a power kit for powering an amp (you get the wires, the fuse holder, the fuse, etc...). Or should I buy the componants seperatly and just get the wire at home depot for example? Also, is it better to get a lower gauge wire now, even though the system does not yet need it, or is it better to get just what the system needs, and upgrade it everytime I upgrade the system?

    What's the best way to find out what fuse you need? Just add up the amps of all your devices and go for just over the total? Should I put on fuses for each device?

    The best buy near me sells a bunch of accessories for connecting the power like battery connectors. Is it worth it to buy the special "car ethusiast" ones, or are you just paying for looks?

    Thanks very much. I'm really new to all this and I want to make sure I don't fry anything, especially the xenarc. I really appreciate any adivce.

    --St. Claire

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    I'm really hoping someone can give me some advice on this topic. I know all you experienced people out there have lots of good suggestions. Please share