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opus 120w jumper help

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  • opus 120w jumper help

    I just wired up my opus to the computer and turned the car on and the computer wil not boot?

    Do i need to add or switch any jumpers on the opus for it to work correctly or could anyone help me with the jumper and my problem.

    i found this thread with some of the jumper setting but there are more than just these ones.

    i measured all my voltages going to the opus they are correct.

    thanks nick

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    I was going through the same thing last week. Opus suggests using an AC powered supply to set up the bios. Just got home, haven't solved it yet. I did get the supply to start up by putting in the jumper that changes it from ATX to AT mode, disables handshake. I was using an LCD monitor. There is a bios setting for CRT or LCD monitor, maybe I have to use a CRT to get into the bios; had to buy a PS keyboard because the USB keybord is by defaut turned off. Also, (PD10000 board) I found that, as others have posted, the CLEAR CMOS jumper is factory installed at the CLEAR CMOS position. barf.