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  • Newbie asking for help

    hi i'm new to this forum.i have seem a normal home pc install onto a car in this forum so i need to get some info.hopefully u guys can help as i'm a complete electronic idiot.

    i'm confused about the main battery connection to the pc.
    as i know that car is 12v but home pc needs a 230watt power to b able to use.
    i ever seem a 12v power inverter in my country which is able to convert 12v to a normal household 3 pin plug.
    i ask the salesman n he told me that any of the house electronic item are able to use in the car if i use it,but some of my friends told me that is very dangerous to use this inverter as the inverter draw 12v from my car n convert it into 230w,it may cos my car on fire.
    i need a clear n simple way to use my home pc on my car,do u guys can help me with it?pls don't tell me to buy a laptop thank you

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    You can absolutely use an inverter. You have to hook it up correctly, to avoid the fires, but that is not difficult at all.

    Battery -> fuse -> 8AWG wire (at the smallest) -> relay -> Inverter (also fused) -> Ground

    You are going to have to read up on how others have used desktops with inverters. The powering up, and powering down will be your main concerns.
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