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19 volts?

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  • 19 volts?

    Anybody had experience with producing 19volts needed to power a laptop or similar device... I'm having some difficulty finding the details I need to get my head around the conversion. Since ill also need the thing to start and hibernate this may cause more problems.

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    he CNX-P1900 is a 140 watt intelligent DC-DC power regulator designed to provide safe, reliable power to today's newest CarPCs......including the Mac mini and Pentium P4-based systems!


    * 140 Watt Dual Output Regulator
    * Jumper selectable main output of +18/+19/+20V
    * Jumper selectable secondary output of +12V/+13.5V or +5V
    * Survives Engine Cranking under full load over entire temperature range
    * Includes sophisticated Startup/Shutdown Controller
    * Includes sturdy aluminum chassis with variable speed fan suitable for car environment Field upgradable flash microprocessor
    * Low battery monitor prevents drained battery, even during Standby/Sleep
    * "Anti Thump" delayed remote control for audio amplifiers
    * Remote "Pulse Start" from wireless device or car alarm/remote start system
    * Over current protection on both outputs with graceful forced shutdown of main output
    * Powers both your CarPC/Mac AND your screen or USB devices
    * Compatible with Mac mini including startup/shutdown and sleep mode
    * Compatible with Pentium P4-based systems such as Travla C158-120, Sumicom S630, or Xenarc SC8
    * Full, safe support for Windows Standby mode including auto shutdown if PC fails to shutdown
    * Over voltage surge suppression on battery input for protection of harsh automotive environment
    * User replaceable fuse on battery input to protect your car from internal short circuits

    The P1900 provides two outputs. The primary output is jumper selectable for 18V, 19V, or 20V operation and can provide up to 6.32 amps (125 Watts @ 20V ). The secondary output is jumper selectable to provide either +12V to power your LCD screen (or 13.5V or experimental purposes), or +5V to power USB devices (such as the Audigy 2NX sound USB sound card) with up to 3 amps (15 Watts). The P1900 can accept battery input as low as 7 volts under full load (140 watts) during cranking while providing a well-regulated output so that your CarPC does not crash.

    The P1900 includes all of the sophisticated features of its predecessors (P1260 and P1280) such as Startup/Shutdown controller, Pulse Start (remotely start the P1900 with door locks, car alarm, or wireless device), and DelayON (prevents speaker "thump" during booting). The P1900 fully and safely supports "Standby" mode and will automatically shut itself down (by detecting excess current drain) if the CarPC fails to properly go into Standby mode.

    The P1900 is also designed to power larger systems that demand higher power, such as P4-based motherboards (ie Insight P4 ITX) with full sized hard drives. The P1900 is fully compatible with the Travla C137 (90 watt and 120 models), the C138 (90 watt and 120 watt models) as well as the newer C158 (90 watt and 120 watt models) cases. In fact, the most cost effective P4 CarPC system can be built using the Travla C137, C138, or C158-120 and the Insight P4 ITX motherboard.

    In addition, the P1900 can be used with the Mac mini, Sumicom, Xenarc, and Cappucino models that require an 18v, 19v, or 20v power source.

    P1900 Power Conection for Mac mini how to, click

    In stock.


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      I've just bought an HP eVectra PC, and a 12v-19v travel charger, to use as my carpc, so I'll let you know how I go. One of these upconverters for $20 sure beats building it myself. Check eBay for "laptop car adaptor".

      I figured the e-Vectra was better value than a laptop for the money I paid, but I wish I'd found a suitable laptop with a good battery. Time and money against me. But a 600+Mhz P3 processor (easily upgraded) in a real case for $50 vs a 200MHz wedged into a (crappy) laptop for $100+ added up for me...

      My plan is to then have a circuit which presses the power switch (hibernate/wake) and controls the power to the 19v converter. Like I said, would have been easier with a lappy, because you have the battery allowing for a graceful hibernate.

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        Thats handy to know. I have just ordered an E-Vectra off Ebay. And it has no PSU.

        I have already got a little inverter for the car, so all I need is one of these DC adapters, Probably get one from Dick Smith or something.

        I plan to hook up a Switch to Wake from Hibernate, ( I know long POST times - but if its less than a minute I can live with that)

        Anyone else with an e-vectra had similar ideas in regards to power up?


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          hmmm personally i would go with the carnetix P1900 to be honest. It has many more features, will be more reliable, survice crank (unlike a cheap laptop dc-dc) and will give you the ability to have startup/shutdown controls.


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            Ahh didnt see that one there... Looks nice!! Will definatley look into that.



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              oh ant the canetix also has a second output with a different voltage and can be expanded with the 5V add-on module to provide a 3rd output. so you can power any additional 12V devices - eg screens, hdds etc off the 12V and then a usb hub off the 5v.

              it is a nice little product. And to be honest i have never really seen anyone have problems with them..hmmm