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Running HD's at 10 volts - possible ?

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  • Running HD's at 10 volts - possible ?

    I am trying to reduce power on my inverter (12-mains-mains-pc setup) because my poor inverter is getting very hot, it says 120w cont. 170w peak 30 secs. and I'm running about 160-180 according to my amp meter in series with the inverter 12v line.

    Yesterday it started smoking and some solder melted off the board.

    So, as my HD power is supplied by the inverter-pc psu, cant I take a standard 9v regulator, ie 7809+2 diodes to raise its ground leg a volt, and feed the hd power from my tank battery via the regulator and a small relay?

    Would a hd spin up at 10 volt?

    This way at least some power is not coming through the inverter?

    Suppose I should just buy a bigger inverter, but I'm skint
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966

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    Get a DC-DC PSU. There's a 250w and a 300w currently in development.
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      True, I'm pulling 14 amps, so thats about 165 so a 250 psu should do.

      Shame I cant find no one with an old cheap 250w inverter, then again 300 w inverters are about 25ukp from hk/china so maybe thats the simplest answer and probably cheapest.
      Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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        I could be wrong (again), I often am, but my external IDE-USB adapter comes with a 120volt AC adapter.. It only has 3 leads the red and the two grounds.. The yellow wire/lead ain't there.. So since the yellow is the 12(?), then the HD must be running off of 5v? (all my 12volt fans run from the yellow wire not the red)

        I know it's a bad assumption, that's why I prefaced it with all that junk..


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          OK if we are talkin about the ide-usb adapter only having 3 wires, then we are talking about AC and it would that 1 is ground and 2 are "hot" wires that switch from + to - 60 times a sec. Just cuz the wire is red doesnt mean its 5v or anything.
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            No I mean that in a molex connector or whatever you have:

            Yellow (12v +)
            Black (12v -)
            Black (5v -)
            Red (5v +)

            On the AC to DC adapter for the HD/CDROM it is missing the 12v - line assuming I'm right about the pinouts above.. I know the AC to DC adapter for the HD won't power 12v fans and such too, so that's why I say that it seems the HD/CDROM are running 5v.. ?

            Funny thing is if you look at the top of the HD it says:

            Rating: 12V 0.40A 5V 0.50A

            But if it's using both then where's it getting 12v from with the AC-DC adapter I use?


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              With any external ide bay I've ever seen, 12v is supplied by the wall adapter, and a circuit inside the external bay uses that to make 5v.


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                Ahhh so HDs and CDROMs are 5 volt..

                (The kit I use is not an enclosure (though I do have a 2.5" HD with enclosure too) it's just a cable and a power supply so I can easilly repair a desktop PC with my laptop without pulling out the HD and installing it in another desktop.)


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                  Sorry - that's not at all what I meant. I mean that the drive gets 12v directly from the adapter, and it gets 5v from a regulator that is inside the enclosure. You said yours isn't an enclosure, though, leading me to believe that you really are looking at the molex connector and seeing two grounds and only one positive wire going into the drive. I don't know what to say about that. Maybe there is one ground and the other two are 5v and 12v??? When you plug the molex connector into an ide drive, the wire closest to the ide cable is 5v, the two middle are ground, and the one furthest from the ide cable is 12v.