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daft question, how much power does the inverter draw ?

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  • daft question, how much power does the inverter draw ?

    I have a 600 watt pure sine inverter. Does it draw the power it needs to run my computer (ie 145 watt PSU) or will it try to draw the whole 600 watts ?
    145 watt micro-atx power supply
    LV-670M motherboard
    1.7 mobile pentium
    600w pure sine wave inverter
    250gb hard drive

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    Neither. It will draw what your computer draws from it, plus inefficiency. I hear that average inefficiency for inverters is 20%, but I don't really know. To calculate that, you would do [computerspower] x .20 + [computerspower] = [power drawn by inverter]

    Your 145 watt psu doesn't draw 145 watts either. It draws just what it needs to run the computer, and once again, plus inefficiency. With a 145 watt psu, I would GUESS that your computer may draw around 80 watts or so. That is only a guess.

    If you really want to know what your inverter draws, get an ammeter and connect it in series with one of the 12v power wires and power on your computer.