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Do I need a startup/shutdown-controller?

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  • Do I need a startup/shutdown-controller?


    I'm just about to send my order to mp3car. But I'm woundering about if I really need an startup/shutdown-controller, for example CarPC EZ v2.4.

    I'm going to buy the Opus dc-dc 150W power supplie. What advantages does I get from the startup/shutdown-controller? Is it so good that I have to get one, or can I just forget about it?

    Give me your thoughts!

    Thanks in advance!
    Note: My english-skills aren't the best...

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    If you buy the Opus, you don't need the Ez. The opus already has most what the EZ has.
    You didn't do much and aren't you?
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      Yes, I did do the search, and found a couple of threads. But I wanted to be sure. Because of my english I could have misunderstood somethings
      Note: My english-skills aren't the best...


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        Check the classifieds, always stuff for sale there
        Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.