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install an inverter without running to cigarette lighter

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  • install an inverter without running to cigarette lighter

    hello, I'm wondering how I would take an inverter and hook it up without plugging it into the cigarette lighter plugin. would I have to chop it off and run it to the battery and then have some kind of auto-switch with the 12v turn-on from the deck running to it for an auto-power on? I'm new to this so that was pretty much a complete guess. thanks for helping.

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    Originally posted by FodderCom
    thanks for helping.
    Not being mean....

    and post things like this in the newbie section.
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      Alright.. well I did some research myself and found out that a Coleman powermate 800 W continuous has two leads that hook right up to the battery..... so at this point would I have to open up the power inverter case, hard wire the switch out of the box and mount it up in my dash to remotely turn it on?


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        Hook it up to your battery and use a startup/shutdown controller to turn the inverter off/on at the correct times.

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