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  • DSATX review

    I Have had the DATX in my car for the past 3 days and I have to say I am very impressed. My previous setup was an inverter, that came on when the car was on, powering the motherboard and the LCD screen. The install went smoothly, the hardest part was pulling the inverter, and running the new wires to allow the LCD screen to run off the power supply. After that It has been in the car running for the past three days flawlessly.

    My setup:
    PC Chips Micro ATX motherboard
    AMD Sempron 2400 processor
    768mb memory
    160 GB hard drive
    DVD ROM drive
    Wireless Internet
    USB TV and am/FM tuner
    15" LCD

    All Powered by the power supply.

    A few of the other testers have had some cons with this unit, but I have yet to find anything wrong with it. It comes on when the car comes on, goes off when I shut the car down and survives the crank. It is a lot better than running the dc-ac inverter.

    Here are some pics....

    [IMG] <a href=''><img src=''></a> [/IMG]