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oh for gods sake help me, OPUS problem

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  • oh for gods sake help me, OPUS problem

    ok, ive been searching for an hour, no solid answers..

    1) have the opus hooked up properly, it turns on, stays on
    2) the mobo works 100% when hooked up to my atx desktop power supply

    when i hook the OPUS up to the mobo, i get fan spin, hdd spin, but no vga. sometimes i get an annoying beeping every 2 seconds.

    what in the HELL is wrong. what a terrible way to start of this project

    let me guess? ill have to ship it to opus to have them test it?

    Opus 120w
    Via M10000
    512 ram
    60g hdd


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    what is the LED in the OPUS doing?
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      staying on


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        If the Opus led stays on, that's a sign it's working properly. If you say you hear a beep when it boots up, then you might want to check some of the other wiring you did in there...What mobo do you have?
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          The graphics card or memory probably isnt seated propery. Both would cause post beeps. Power problems rarely do.


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            i have the m10k and when hooked up to the atx it works 100% fine, so i dont think the onboard video nor the ram have any issues. ONLY when hooked to the opus does it not post. this is so frustrating...


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              Have you manually checked the voltages coming out of the OPUS with a meter?

              I dont know for sure(in fact this is a complete guess) but it sounds like everything that turned on is the 5V stuff, maybe the 12V isnt right.

              The fact it turns on using the desktop power supply is a good sign in my opinion.
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                I still hope it has something to do with the wirring...but if you say that in the car when you put an AC PSU everything works then you got me...maybe you should contact Opus, see what they have to say.
                You could try and start the PSU only with the mobo and HDD plugged in, nothing else. If it works try plugging the VGA cable in from the monitor assuming you're powering it from the Opus.
                Renault Megane...the OEM look

                The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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                  I have the same problem with my OPUS DCX3-120 and M10000 mobo.
                  Works with external PS, no post/video with Opus. I had it working with my old M10000 mobo and Opus 90W. Called Opus, called Epia. Opus tested fine. Will try to get an RMA from Opus.
                  Here is my post.
                  mrcoolgli had the same problem. I'll try his suggestion tonight when I get home.
                  I can't wait to figure this out. I miss my carputer!!!


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                    So resurrecting a two-year old thread is going to help your plight?
                    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                    How about the Wiki?

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                      My bad I don't pay attention to silly things like date when the topic was posted. Just noticed this thread on the bottom of another post and responded to it.


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                        in any event, gene

                        were you able to figure out the problem? sometimes car DC isn't the same as AC.

                        Revlis (the person who began this post) stated that his MOBO works fine with the ATX power supply - but when he hooks it up to opus - nothing.

                        I had so many problems with a DC power supply i gave up and got an inverter 1200 watts. i simply hook up my pc to that and all is fine. i find this is an alternative if you are not an expert with electronics such as myself...

                        good luck
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                          It works with a regular ATX power supply. and i'm not an expert my no means but I was lucky enough to have my first Opus function for about 3 years without any problems.
                          I sent my Opus in for repair yesterday, I'll leave feedback on the thread that I started once I get it back.