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M1-ATX does nothing at all!

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  • M1-ATX does nothing at all!

    Hi there,

    I previously bought a M1-ATX PSU.

    In dump PSU mode I connected it correctly to a standard power supply source (acting as battery), which can make 12V at up to 40A.

    I have not connected the M1-ATX to any motherboard.

    I then measured the ATX Output, which was 0V for all possible pins.

    I tryed with only connecting the 12V to the M1-ATX positive terminal as well as connecting it to the M1-ATX positive AND ignition terminal.

    Has the M1-ATX to be connected to a motherboard to work or what is going wrong? I can't imagine that it's broken, since I bought two of them and both showed the same problem.

    By the way the Power Supply Source (acting as battery) shows no current, except something when connecting it to the M1-ATX.

    Many thanks to any help!

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    i wonder why so many people by it then

    to my understanding it must be connected to a motherboard, like any atx psu. there is a method of shorting the green wires on a standard atx...i'm not sure if the color standard if followed with the m1 however.
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      Thanks for the information.

      Indeed I want to use the M1-ATX as a power supply without using it with a mainboard, since it has same nice features for me, like the standard regulated outputs, which are useful not only for powering a mainboard.

      If somebody has some more detailed ideas about how getting this thing to work, without connecting it to a motherboard, I would be very glad.

      Many thanks in advance!!!


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        pins j8 are an optional on off....did you try jumping this momentarily?
        PC Components:
        Lilliput; XPC/FLEX mobo; 1.7 ghz P4 Mobile;512 DDR; 160 gb HDD; opus 150; slot usb dvd-rw
        My work log


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          Yes I did. I think the manual says J8 is parallel to J6.

          First I thought J8 and J6 act as Jumpers allowing the M1-ATX to be switched on or off. But since the manual says: "Do not connect J8/J6 to the M/B on/off switch if you donít want your PC to be started automatically)" it seems that J6 and J8 are for switching something other on or off, like the motherboard itself.

          So shorten J6 and J8 seems actually not to be a good idea, but it does not harm something.

          As I read by this time, connecting the green with ground could solve the problem, which I will try tomorrow.

          However, any comments appreciated till this.