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Damn Dell Latitude proprietary power connection

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  • Damn Dell Latitude proprietary power connection

    Well, I'm going to be using my Dell Latitude L400 laptop for my CarPC.

    There is only 1 problem. Tp power it I have 3 options:

    1. An inverter
    2. An Auto/Air Adapter
    3. Something I don't know about

    #1. I really don't want to use an inverter. I have read that these things can produce A LOT of line noise issues if not grounded correctly. I just went through about a month of fiddling with my stereo system grounds to cut out the ground issues with that, so Inverter - LAST RESORT

    #2. This wouldn't be a problem generally, I would use some of my Best Buy Bucks (Thank you McDonald's) and get one for like $35-$45. But the ****ers at Dell decided it would be really great to put propriatary power connections on both the laptop and the port replicator.

    So, what's a brotha to do? Dell doesn't sell these kinds of adaptors for this laptop, and the best price I can find on ebay is like $79.99 + $20 Shipping for a Targus model that I don't even know if it's compatible.

    #3. Is there any other power method that I'm missing? I've obviously done my research.



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    Don't you just love those big OEMs

    Well good news and bad news when it comes to your problem.

    The good news is Targus does make an Auto / Air Adapter compatable with your notebook, and it's available at Bestbuy (at least online) so you'll save a couple bucks thanks to McDonalds.

    The bad news is it's still going to be more than $45 (unless you have a TON of bestbuy bucks) and it looks like you'll need to get a special tip.


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      I have the same problem Trying to hook in my latitude to my car. I was about to just buy a pure sine inverter off ebay... ....What are the pro's and con's of using an auto/air adapter? would it survive crank? can you hook it directly to the battery? what kind of efficiency do those things have?