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  • Need more power... dilemma is that I'm running my current setup in my signature and I'd like to add:

    7port usb hub
    slot load dvd
    2 - 7in lilliputs into my headrests

    On my current setup, my pc and monitor is running off of the M1-ATX. If I put a usb dvd to it..i'll have issues. So i'm basically at my limit. I would like to power all my monitors off of a 'clean' source of 12v.


    1- Add another M1-ATX to power the 2 monitors,usb hub and dvd and leave the current psu powering as it is.

    2- Keep the M1-ATX and get a mobile ITPS, then move all the monitors onto that since it regulates the power at 12v. Then put the dvd and usb hub onto the 5V rail of the M1.


    3- Remove the M1-ATX completely and get either an Opus 150W or Carnetix 140W...or do I need more power?

    I was hoping to not remove the M1-ATX only b/c then I have another part laying around. Adding the two will bring me up to 180W. But if swapping it out for another psu is best...I'll end up doing so. Any suggestions or advise would help! Thanks.
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    Take a look at your requirements:

    4-5A - 7 port self-powered USB hub
    2-3A - Slot load slim dvd drive (assuming in external enclosure)

    1.5-2A - 2 additional lilliputs

    You could do a few things within those constraints, but the cheapest solution would be buying another M1-ATX. Usually the downfall for the M1-ATX is its limited 12V line (2A), but that is not a problem in this case. It's ample 5V line (10A) will be plenty for your needs.

    I wouldn't suggest going with the Carnetix 1900 (140W) as it cannot supply 12V and 5V at the same time. I would be weary of using the Opus 150W as your only PSU due to your large requirements on the 5V line. The Opus has the same 10A output on the 5V line which leaves you with 2-4A for your current system if you connected the hub and dvd drive. Calculate your current 5V requirements with your current system. Unless you are using <2A, which I doubt, I wouldn't go this route. If space is an issue and you are trying to limit yourself to only one PSU, then this may be the way to go. More than likely you'd need to get a 5V POL for another $25-35 to use for the dvd drive. This route would provide you no real benefit while costing you more than double that of an M1-ATX.


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      So....M1-ATX it is? And how do you suggest that I wire this dual psu up? I want to power the hub as well as the dvd on the 5v. Then the 2 monitors on the 12v. As you can see..all I know is 12v and 5v. I'm not too familiar with the amp limitations. For a second, I thought that moving all the monitors to an ITPS would be good, giving it a clean 12v would keep my video clean. When I hooked up the monitor to straight 12volts, the video was fuzzy.
      And maybe get a 5v POL for the usb hub and dvd? Leaving the M1-ATX solely for the mobo and hdd. Also you mentioned that you wouldn't go with an Opus b/c of the large demand for the 5v rail...the hub and dvd is too much for that line? or am I just going overboard powering everything off of the 12v line?

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        Just wondering if you managed to do this yet please???

        I have a laptop in the car with a USB DVD drive enclosure, the drive requires 5V @ 2A, through a seperate supply or by using 2 USB ports, using 2 USB ports on the laptop there still is not enough power to work the drive... I was thinking of hard wiring one of those cigarette lighter to USB power adapters that you can get for PDAs & GPS receivers, they are supposed to provide 5V @ 1A, wiring this from the lighter to the DVD wouldnt that combined with other USB cable provide enough power for the drive without any extra power supplies (Cheap &#163;5 option...) Anyway anyone have any thoughts on this please? Sorry if im just missing something silly, just seems like a simple solution???



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          An Idea would be to skip the lilli's and get car LCD monitors that support 11-14v range and hook them up direct to you car's power. What will you be running on the screens?

          I am using an Opus 150 see my sig what I am running, also not on the sig:

          5 port USB hub
          Legacy LSWR7500 7"roof mount LCD
          Bluetooth for Phoco/SE T616 mobile

          So all 4 USB ports are full on the mobo, plus a 5 port hub which runs keyboard, wireless mouse and Bluetooth. Don't forget also running a FX5200 vid card.

          My Panasonic DVD/CD is being shipped from , but I know it will power that as well as I used another CD/DVD to transfer data and then unplug it and put it back into my PC in the house.

          Sell the other power supply to get some money back towards the Opus. Also phone them to confirm the power, I did, so if you have issues you can return it, but again, less your one lilli I am running your set up already on the Opus.

          The Opus PS is under rated power wise.
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            Yippie I did it, I used a Moto V600 car charger to power the USB... working with about 10 CD's and DVD's I have tested so far


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              I decided to hold off on that project. Planning on getting a Biostar, AMD 35w, 200gig and opus setup before I do that. My current setup is too slow to do independent display without everything freezing up.

              Thanks for the help guys.
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