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Having a hard time with deciding power

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  • Having a hard time with deciding power

    I'm going to be running an EpoX 8K3A+ motherboard with a 2100+ palomino core, 512 mb stick of ram and one hard drive that will be 80 gb at first, then I'm switching to a 200 gb. I also plan on running a wireless PCI network card and powering my lilliput with the power supply.. every time I run over calculations I end up with a problem that the Opus is not a viable solution for me... and then I start looking at VERY expensive power inverters because.. all i've read here is that you need a pure sine. What would be the best solution for me? dish out 180-300 bucks for a 300-600 watt pure sine inverter or do something with Opus... or what other DC-DC solutions would I be able to do? Thanks.

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    Do yourself a favor and don't even consider a PW200M.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      yeah I already asked about the PW200M after reading the price and what it does.. I was EXTREMELY skeptical

      EDIT: Where's the best place to buy a keypower? I looked yesterday but couldn't find a steady supplier for them.