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  • Opus Kill Switch

    After leaving my car for a week it wouldn't start this morning, I suspect because the USB stuff is still powered when he car is off so my BT adaptor, SoundBlaster USB and GPS sucked some power.

    So, I want to add a kill switch that will enable me to isolate the PC in such cases. Is the best way to just add a switch to the hot wire from the battery to the Opus? Note I am not trying to prevent it from switching on (although this should do that anyway) but to manually preven ANY draw on the battery.

    Do I need a special switch to handle the current draw on this cable? Are they rated like the cable, ie 10AWG?


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    switches are usually rated for amperage i believe and its not very hard to find a 15 amp fuse, you could just pull the fuse to the opus....or fuseblock, or flip the switch on a circuit breaker if you have that. This is my method.
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      I have a fuse in the line and a spade connector so it isn't hard to disconnect it as things stand I just think a switch would be more "proper". I'll have a poke around at Radio Shack and see if I can find a neat in line switch.

      Thanks for replying.


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        Why not just "switch a relay"?
        That way, you can find nice looking switch what doesn't have to be 15A or higher.
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          I think it just becomes too much hassle to wire it up with a relay for little benefit, in this case at least.