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power supply question???

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  • power supply question???

    What is the fastest processor i could power with the arise dc-dc 160watt ace-916v power supply. I would like to run a PIII if possible. Is this going to eat my battery???

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    Not going to happen. The PII draws a huge amount of current (compared to PIs).
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      The socket P!!!'s dont pull nearly as much power as the slot style. You should be able to run it, but I don't know how much else you could run besides the mobo.

      I'm gonna go try to google up some exact numbers.


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        Wow. Interesting. I was trying to find out the exact wattage, but got an answer good enough.

        Compaq sells 633MHz PIII systems with only 135 watt power supplies!

        Your 160 should be fine.

        (oh, and it will only drain your battery if the car's off. If you leave the computer on when the car's off, it would probably drain the battery in an hour or two)