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Vector Maxx 400W/800W Inverter Input Voltage

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  • Vector Maxx 400W/800W Inverter Input Voltage

    I have a Vector Maxx 400W/800W Inverter and I've been having some power issues. The user manual says that the inverter should work from 10.5V to 15V, however my inverter's fault light and sound go off at or around 12.5V and shuts off the computer, this doesn't seem right. I am curious if anyone else has the same inverter and when does your fault light and sound go off.

    Thanks for the response.

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    same. mine begins the cutoff at 12v and at 11.9 it's off. Frustrating as hell i can tell you that. I have been considering a small ups to help during cranks and that, but given the fact the voltage drops within a second of engine shut off i figure it will be running off on the ups entirely.
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