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85 dollar DC to DC ATX PSU

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  • 85 dollar DC to DC ATX PSU

    I looked at this site and at the bottom it says 85 dollars

    Its the 150 Watt...But on the 250 Watt it says ATX 2.03 specs...???
    Is the 150 watt not ATX?? Anyone know?

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    Did I read this right? It says that the input source is -42 to -56 volts CD. Or is that just 42-56v CD?

    Either way looks like you're going to have to do some moddifying to make that work. Sweet looking PSU's though... Even sweeter price!
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      Originally posted by Falcon62Travis:
      <STRONG>Did I read this right? It says that the input source is -42 to -56 volts CD. Or is that just 42-56v CD?</STRONG>
      yeah you did. I was gettin a little excited too!..

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        These guys at amtrade are SUPPOSED to ahve a 150W 1U DC-DC ATX 12V input, it's listed on their website but when you call them they say it's not available.
        The girl ( some chinese girl w/ heavy accent) told me the price would be $185 or so.
        i have called them about it back in november last year and to this day they still don't have it. Go figure!!

        Anyway so how can you convert 12V to -46V?? that is the question!!! hehe Probably wouldn't be very efficient I would think...
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          Yeah, don't bother trying... these DC-DC power supplies are made for telecom datacenters, which typically run off somewhere betwen -42V to -48V
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