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    Hey, i played around and found the my mobo was pullin 3.94 amps(max) on +5. Does that sound reasonable for a Pentium 166 w/ ISA SB16, Diamond Stealth64, 3Com Etherlink3? Well, i underclocked it down to 75MHZ and it still runs fine but is down to 2.8 amps(max) on +5. Then my HD pulls 1.02 amps(max) on +12. Do these sound reasonable? I also tried the Power Good, and to the best i can figure on mine at least it is just a constant +5?? Another thing, anyone know how long it takes to get the Maxim chips? And finally could you guys please post/send me some of your schematics for making power supplies, i found a couple but i want some more possibilities. I need +12 +5 -12. Thanks a lot, sorry bout all the stuff.

    Tom [email protected]

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    everything sounds about right i guess...about the maxim stuff...i don't know if you're going to get anything you ordered..i heard that they stopped giving out free samples of a few of the parts due to
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      I think i will probably end up buying a PS anyways.



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        Everything sounds right, but the power good is not a constant 5V. It is a slightly delayed 5V signal that is sent to the motherboard right after startup.
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