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ATX and AT motherboard

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  • ATX and AT motherboard

    I have a Pine Slot 1 motherboard with both AT and ATX power connections on it. I am currently using an Arise DC-DC to power it throught the AT connector with an Dschmidt Auto ShutOff controller. I was wondering if I could some how use the AT power connector and jumper a wire over to the ATX "Power Good Signal" to trick the MB into thinking it was using ATX. I know ATX Power also has 3.3v, but I figure the MB must have an on board 5v to 3.3v regulator or the DIMM 3.3v RAM would not be working now. Any way the point is I want to trick the MB into thinking is running with an ATX power supply so I can use WIN ME hibernation. Any Ideas?

    Pine Mother board

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    Here is it

    This should help u a little
    Project almost ready