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OPUS POL 15w very odd

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  • OPUS POL 15w very odd

    This POL is very usefull, don't get me wrong, i use it for my usb stuff. But why the hell does it need a always on power lead and access? It doesn't perform like the m1-atx at all, so iff it turns on and off exactly with the acc, then wahts the point of the always on power lead?.... Anyone know something i don't?


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    right but some people may not want to run 3+amps through their ACC line?

    I have the carnetix POL regulator and I run mine with the primary lead directly connected and the control line ran to my ACC, no reason to put that extra strain on that circuit in the car.
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      So are you saying the always on and acc "load" balance the power reqs? I'm just wondering, it was so much more work to hook it up correctly to only realize the acc or batt could have been done without.


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        I just ordered one of these and am waiting for delivery.

        Question - I am hooking it up to my cigarette lighter power cables, which are energized when the car is on (Ignition, I think)

        Since there are only 2 wires powering the lighter socket, do I need a third from somewhere to turn on the Opus? I was hoping that all this would need is an input and it would provide an output without me hacking into the car's other electrical system.



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          Well one lead is supposed to go to a battery (always on) and one to ground and one to acc (ignition on). I have hooked up like this. Since the acc on is so effing pointless and extra and does nothing, I would hook it up (if i did it again) both the battery and acc to the same souce (being acc). The ciraret lighter is fine as long as it does turn on with the car and isn't always on. But what i read is that its a bad idea to use it because other devices interfere with the power but a cell phone charger or a smoker won't be an issue, just no tv's please... I love the POL otherwise, works great. Just wisht eh "delayed shutdown" was true....


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            if you hook the acc line of the pol to a 12v line from your computer's psu the pol won't shut down until the computer does.
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              true true, but to wire something out of the case and up to the dash is a pain in the ***. I need to do this for the monitor, 2 usb hubs, and probably something else soon too. My wire snake is about 2" in diameter now....