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  • keypower atx psu

    this psu is capable of putting out 50 A max. what size fuse should i use.
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    Give us some statistics.....


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      i have mine fused with a 30A fuse...i highly doubt you're ever even going to be pulling that...let alone the full 50A that it is capable of....

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        I reluctantly put a 20A on it and forgot to upgrade to a 30A and it's been fine. Defiitely no lower than a 20A though would I recommend. BTW, I got a little crazy and through a 30A Radio Shack inline noise suppressor on the main hot going into the Keypower for more noise control. My setup is super quiet.

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          How much and where can I get this dc-dc psu?

          I think I'm finally going to get one after two crapped-out inverters.
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            Originally posted by Carlos C:
            <STRONG>How much and where can I get this dc-dc psu?

            I think I'm finally going to get one after two crapped-out inverters.</STRONG>
            Here's the LINK

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              i got mine from a guy here at mp3car on the for sale topic
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