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Anyone sell Dc-Dc power supplies?

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  • Anyone sell Dc-Dc power supplies?

    For when I decide to build my system:
    Does anyone build like a sproggy type Power supply that runs aroun 100w. If so how much $$?

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    I just requested a quote from Arise ( and here's what they sent me:
    PS- ACE-916V (160W PS, +12V DC) $165.00/each
    OUCH! $165 US?? This is the AT form factor as well! I know they used to have a 65W DC-DC supply, but I could not find it on their page, so I'm not sure if tey sell it anymore.
    Can anyone recommend a cheaper DC-DC power supply? I do not have the tech know-how to build my own, so I need to find a somewhat affordable pre-built. I ws going to use an inverter, but after reading everyone going on and on about the benefits of the DC-DC and the evils of the inverter, I want to see if I can go inveter-less.




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      The ACE-865 is the 65w Model
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        I've got a brand new, never installed, or used, Arise 865. I bought it from them but needed an ATX psu. The 865 is for AT boards. I'm selling it for $60. It's still in the original box I got it in, too. Thanks.
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          tony s
          what power supply did you get for your atx?
          and how does it work? how much
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            do you still have this power suply im looking for one now

            just draging by