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    There seems to be a great deal of discussion on DC-DC power supplies. I would be interested in finding out how much current everyones systems are drawing from the 12V input(battery) supply, what hardware they have, and what brand/type of DC-DC converter they are using. I think we should determine the amount of power most people will need before we run off to design a new supply.

    I'll start by giving my specs:

    P166 MMX underclocked to 120Mhz
    LuckyStar (VIA MVP4) super 7 mainboard with sound/video
    64MB of PC100 SDRAM
    Sound Blaster AWE64 soundcard
    Reveal FM radio card
    Toshiba 1.4GB 2.5" hard disk
    No name 8x CD-ROM
    DC-DC converter removed from a Toshiba(I think) 186 laptop

    This system draws around 2.4A(28.8 Watts) nominal @ 12V input, rising to around 3.5A(42 Watts) when HD or CD spin up. I will find out what current is drawn from each output rail when I work out how to measure it without cutting the supply leads. I want new supply as this one seems incapable of spinning up my seagate 20G 3.5" HD

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    My system sucks down the power - no green pc here.

    Asus p3b something w/ celery 333
    1 Extra Case fan
    1 Toshiba DVD
    1 10 Gb Western Digital HD
    1 ISA atached PCMCIA card reader (1 GPS card and 1 802.11b wireless card)
    1 ISA sound card
    1 Adaptec 2940 PCI
    2 64 Mb DIMMs
    1 USB ->ps/2
    1 Matrix Orbital VFD
    1 6.4 TFT LCD

    Damn, thats lot. last I checked; The last time I took it out for upgrades and stuff, with about half of those things hooked up, it ran at 6 Amps. It jumps up an amp or two on start up.

    I know the lcd sucks about an amp by its self.

    All this goes to a keypower 250 ATX aupply. gee, im glad I got the 250

    I think im going to take it out sometimes next week to upgrade the motherboard and cpu, I will post an update w/ specific part ratings, and a new total.

    I think we should award a prize for the system with the highest and lowest curent draw "And the golden resistor goes to..."
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      Well, I have a 140watt PS in my computer, and it is going to be powering a text LCD aswell.
      I have a 600watt Power Supply, But, I got it on sale (for only 85$) from Radioshack. I could probably power my whole house of this thing.
      Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
      Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
      In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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        Mine is:
        PCChips Motherboard
        Cyrix PR200
        Onboard sound/video/LAN
        Fujitsu 6.4Gig Laptop HD
        Numeric Keypad

        Power consumption from the 12V side is about 2A.
        Player: Pentium 166MMX, Amptron 598LMR MB w/onboard Sound, Video, LAN, 10.2 Gig Fujitsu Laptop HD, Arise 865 DC-DC Converter, Lexan Case, Custom Software w/Voice Interface, MS Access Based Playlists
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          P133 on FIC Motherboard (PT-2007)
          32MB Ram
          30gb Maxtor
          PCI to PCMCIA with 802.11b card
          SB AWE64 Gold ISA
          WD Paradise 1mb ISA Video
          CFontz 20x4
          Arise 65W

          The AC power supply used 30 - 40 watts when i put it on a load meter. Switched to the Arise and I haven't checked it..
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            My system draws about 2.5A while running, 1.0A in standby, and around 100mA while off (+5VSB is always active since my PSU is a DC-DC ATX)

            (See below for description of my setup)
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              The computer system that i have in the car runs at around 2-2.5 amps. Planning on making the computer stay on 24hours a day with a spare do some heavy modifications to the DC converter to integrate computer controlled stand-by and suspend system.

              System Comp V3 - In progress.
              Low power MB with C7 CPU, DC-DC PSU, car ECU link, USB TV, GPS, 7" TFT, Wireless, Voice.