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M1-atx and Dell Inspiron 8200

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  • M1-atx and Dell Inspiron 8200

    Ive searched thru and read many threads on using the M1 and a laptop together. I wanted to run this by some of you guys and see what you think and let me know if it would work.

    I have a docking station I plan on mounting in my car permantly. That way I can use the laptop in the car and be able to remove it rather quickly for use elsewhere. I have wires soldered to the power button on the docking station for a switch.

    Heres my powering idea. I have a DC to DC converter for the laptop. 12v in 19v out @ 90 watts. I want to use a 12v 30amp relay hooked to the car battery and triggered by the M1-atx. That should limit the work the M1 has to do. Also I want to hook the docking station power button to the power button plug on the M1. Technically I see this working ok. The M1 triggers the laptop on/off/standby/hibernate thru the power button on the docking station and also would cut power to the relay that would kill power to the DC to DC converter when it does a hardoff.

    Am I going about this the wrong way? Would it work ok and be a good solution to use? Ive been searching and reading for the last week or so getting ready to do my install as soon as my screen gets here. I want a simple and clean install for my laptop. My main goal is to have it removable without unhook a bunch of wire and having to hook them all back up if I do need to use the laptop somewhere else. I already have 2 users on the laptop. One for car use and one for home use. That way I dont have to set it up everytime I switch. Let me know.
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