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  • New to car electonics...

    I have been collecting MP3's for a while, and after realizing that a Rio cannot forfill all my needs, I want to put in a Car-Puter.

    Unfortunatly, I have no idea what kind of power devices/connections/cables I would need to power the computer from the car's power source.

    Can anyone give an "idiot's starter info" speech for me? It would be gratly appreciated.


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    Easy and cheap way is to get an inverter.

    Plug the inverter into the cigarette lighter, plug the computer into the inverter. You can get one for about $30-40

    Another way is a DC-DC power supply. This replaces the normal power supply in your computer, and runs off of the car's 12V. These are much less noisy, and more efficient. They are about $80+.


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      Hey thanks. That's great.

      I'm would eventually like to store the computer in the trunk. So would I be running a power line from the front fuse box or something back to the trunk?


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        I would get one that connects to the car battery. Those are easier to run to the trunk. M.A.V.I.C. System
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          hmm? So I run a line straight from the battery or from the fuse box or what?

          Sorry for these simpleton quesitons...this is all new to me

          Thank you.


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            you run a wire from the positive side of the battery to the inverter in the boot and get the negitive from the chasis or the car...


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              An excellant idea would be to get the book "Getting Started In Electronics" by Forrest Mims III. This is available at Radio Shack for around $5, and contains quite a bit of "newbie" electronics info. Trust me, it'll be one of the best $5 you ever spent. That should answer nearly all of your hookup questions.

              There is nothing particularily complicated about installing a computer in a car, so once you know the basics, the rest should be a piece of cake.
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                I think I had better go get that book!!

                Thanks guys...I appreciate all your help.



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                  check out my site might be helpfull