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  • Suggested invertor?

    I've been searching these boards trying to figure out which invertor to buy, and can't find what I'm looking for. Hopefully someone can help.

    I want the computer and invertor in the trunk, with the power to the invertor being controlled by the ignition switch (i.e. when I turn the key to the accessory or on position, the computer gets power. When I turn the key off, the computer loses power).

    I know some invertors don't come back on after they lose power, I want to avoid this. What suggestions do people have?

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    get the highest quality one you can, and get one that matches your PS, if you have a 200watt ps, only get a 200watt inverter.
    I have a 600watt, and it seems as if the more energy they produce, the worse the quality gets.
    But thats just from my experience
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      50w over wont hurt. Yeah, you probably only need to match the watts on the PSU, but 50 extra wont hurt. I got a USB HD which needed external power...thus needed more than my car CPU. Make sure you arent going to be adding anything else (ie. playstation, extenral accesories, etc.). But I agree, 600w is probably way too much and will probably not be nearly as quality as a lower supplier. I think most people around here have 300w.

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        Originally posted by zovirl:
        <STRONG>I've been searching these boards trying to figure out which invertor to buy, and can't find what I'm looking for. </STRONG>
        Try this one


        All 4 of these should work just fine.

        Maybe a little higher quality one.
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          Are you sure you want an inverter, and not a DC-DC?
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            Originally posted by Aaron Cake:
            <STRONG>Are you sure you want an inverter, and not a DC-DC?</STRONG>
            DC-DC would be nice, but I was hoping to have the computer just plug in when I bring it inside to work on it. Also, I am planning on upgrading sometime, and would then have to get an ATX power supply right? If I had an inverter nothing would change...