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Building a DC-DC PSU

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  • Building a DC-DC PSU

    Well I have been doing some research, and compared to what I am doing in class building this psu isn't that far off, except for teh PCB but I won;t get into that.

    What I want to know are the specs for Jeff's supply compared to the sproggy MK2.6, I'm kinda into customising it for my use so for jeff's sake I'm not gona rip him off but rather interested in what he has done.

    If anyone has any info on either unit or some incite please post for benefit of people like me looking for a few anwers.

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    hey big

    i dont know much about jeffs design but sure can help u with sproggy i have studied his design in and out so shoot the qustions!



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      i fail to see the reason why the max ampacity of the 5V line is decreased when running a 3.3V line, why not run another tap for the 3.3 line and increase the main fuse to 35 amps.

      Is this because he wanted to use the same PCB design?


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        I don't know why I hit a 3 instead of a 1 I meant 15 amps, duh

        also what xformer is he using, it looks like the turn ratio is 1:2 but I can't be sure, it is the only one on the schematic it has the centre tap on it.


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          The transformer is a 1:1.2
          and, yes, you could get higher current on the 5volt, but that would require you to make your own custom board..