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Just got a 12v UPS

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  • Just got a 12v UPS

    do i need a diode when i wire it in, to stop the starter motor draining the ups battery.
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    hey thats great man! Can you give me more specifications about it? If i guessed right, it's actually an inverter with a battery incorporated right? can it be used with windows software like normal computer ups ? how long does it take the computer to drain the battery?

    can you tell me where did you get it from?


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      For one thing a diode that LARGE lol.
      Why don't you just put the ups on a switch that simple that's how my ups is in my car just use a 30 or 50 amp relay on the power + side and that works sweeet!


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        Remove the UPS battery, and just connect it to a 12V source in the car instead. Do not parallel the small batteries with the large car battery. Bad things will result from voltage differences, etc.
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          I forgot about that thaut he would do that!


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            thanx aaron and radioman, i was going to connect the two batteries together ... but with a diode to stop the starter motor draining the ups battery, by not using the ups battery, i will save space, and can fit everything in one box.

            Instead, i will leave the ups switched on, and use a relay to switch power to the ups from the car battery.

            armoured: correct! i got it from ebay uk, try 4 more info... i got the apc back ups 400, btw

            i should have it going by sunday, i`ll let u know how it goes.

            thanx again
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