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    Im going to be buying an amp soon to power my subwoofer. The amp is going to be 300W. I also have an Opus 150W that needs to be powered. Would it work to have one wire going from the battery down to a circuit breaker, one side from the breaker leads to the amp and the other to my opus 150. If so, what guage wire would you reccomend?

    :nevermind. i figured it out.

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    I would use a fuse instead of a circuit breaker. Circuit breakers take longer to open than fuses, and you equipment maybe fried by then.


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      anyway to avoid the load THUMB when the amp turns on?
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        Originally posted by UM_Fan
        anyway to avoid the load THUMB when the amp turns on?
        For sure. An easy way to do it is to use a relay, which controls the remote line to the amp. Basically what you want is for the remote line to the amp to go high, only when the computer is on.

        Click here to see my wiring diagram.

        The first diagram is less complicated and it's what I have in my car right now. There is also only one relay, so you can easily see what I'm doing.

        I have it labelled as a Bosch relay, but it's not a high-powered automotive relay. It's just a mini-relay (12V/1A).
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