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Grounding inverter?

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  • Grounding inverter?

    Hi, I've read all posts on this power supplies board and understand that I should be grounding both my computer and the inverter. My question is, how do i do that? I bought a bookPC (with 100w power supply) which will output to my in-dash lcd screen. and I plan to use a 300W power inverter with it (hookeup up to my cigarette lighter on front dash). Can you guys help a newbie with instructions on how to ground my setup. and also, are there issues with plugging the inverter to the cigarette lighter socket? (ie, don't have the inverter plugged in when starting car, or just don't do it period) Thanks for any help in advance. my car is a 2000 celica GT if that matters. (please keep in mind i know next to nothing about electrical systems)

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    please do a search on whatever you want to know about before asking questions that have been answered many times... I don't mean to be mean but nobody likes to repeat themselves over and over...

    Perhaps moon can make the search button bigger... I know it took me a while to find it
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      I totally understand your "beef" with having to repeat an answer, but like I said I have been reading up and down the post looking for answers. Obviously, if I had found the answer, I wouldn't be asking in the first place, and if you DO KNOW that someone has answered, and the time that you could have taken to write "I hate repeating answers" could have been spent either briefly telling me how to ground the inverter or just point me in the right direction??? bottom line is that I am unable to find the post which answers my question and would like some help or someone to point me in the right direction.


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        Grounding comp is easy. Just unscrew a screw on the back of your comp and take like 18 guage wire from that to your car. Just tear up a little carpet, scratch off some paint and screw the wire into your car. you want to hard wire it to your battery or just plug it into the lighter?? Some where on the inverter, there should be 2 prongs, positive and negative (ground). Repeat the same thing as above with some lower guage wire (i have 2 guage, but you dont need that low.)

        If you dont have those prongs, find a picture of it and post it so we know what you have...
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