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  • Can this work?

    I have found a 400W 24V ATX PSU which is surplus from a government public transport project using wireless internet access stations on trains and buses. Cost me US$200 for a piece. :-(

    24V seems to be the standard for these big vehicles.

    I intend to use this battery converter product which is available from Farnell. This is a 400W output product. To drive 12V to 24V which the PSU can accept.


    1. Do I need a 24V battery? 12V -> Converter -> 24V battery -> PSU

    2. On the spec sheet, seems like it needs 9V nominal voltage before it cuts off. If I use a 24V battery in between, will my engine cut the PC power when I crank?

    All theories welcomed.

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    I dont think you need a 24v battery if you get that converter.
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      You won't need a 24V battery if you use the converter.
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