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Help!! I need to know what kind of power I'd need to do all of this

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  • Help!! I need to know what kind of power I'd need to do all of this

    Hey fellas. I'm workin on building my mp3box and am almost finished. I need a DC DC PSU to power all of this AMD K6-2 500MHz, 12X DVDROM, Seagate 20.4GB HDD and all the normal stuff like sound video out etc. What kind of wattage am I gonna need to look for in a PSU? I can hardwire fans and stuff like that to my car so I'm not too worried about that. I'm a pretty decent circuit builder so if you can point me to a PSU schematic or kit or something like that I could probably do it.

    Thanks again

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    I would say 200 watts minimun for your setup. I'm only powering the processor and the hard drive so I only need about 120 watts.


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      Thanks for posting. Is there anywhere that sells a DC-DC power supply that will put out that kind of wattage? I haven't run into one yet.


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        If you are after an ATX power supply you might wanna check out this 250 watt supply... not cheap... about US$165. They also have some AT supplies if thats what you are after.
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          FYI many of the inexpensive PC's such as E-Machines and the BookPCs use small PSUs around 60W. I doubt you will need a full 200W PSU to power the setup you're building.

          For example, my system has a Celeron 533, 96MB RAM, Laptop 6.5GB hard drive, USB wireless LAN, etc, etc and only draws 30W.

          The best way to figure out how much power you'll need in a DC-DC setup is to first power everything from a normal ATX supply and then measure the current draw from each voltage output (+5V, +12V, +3.3V are the main ones to consider). Be sure you know what you're doing here or you could burn something out!

          Multiply the current draw from each by the voltage being measured, and write this value down. Add all these up and then get a grand total. This will equal roughly the number of watts your system is drawing. Then add a little overhead for startup spikes, etc.

          Of course you could also just use one of the 200-250W units and not worry about the overkill
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