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  • MUST READ: Forum Guidelines

    Because of the large influx of new users of this forum, I thought it prudent to post a set of general forum guidelines. These will help eliminate some of the problems we have been having recently, and make it a more enjoyable forum experience for all. Please feel free to post your responses and opinions, as these guidelines are a work in progress and will only evolve through your involvement.

    Now, on with the show.

    1. No personal attacks of any kind. This forum has always been a nice place to visit, and let's keep it that way. This means that there are to be no flame wars, topics started with the specific purpose to put someone else down, etc. Such posts will be closed immediately, or, if the situation warrants, deleted completely.

    2. Please keep the "me too" postings to a minimum. . This does not mean that you can't post your agreement on a subject, but posts containing such simple statements are unnecessary, and clutter things up.

    3. Profanity is not necessary. Unlike a lot of the other forums on the Net, this forum has always contained relatively clean language. There are very few circumstances where profanity is actually warranted, so it should not be a stretch to keep the language clean. Normally, the poster of objectionable content will get a warning and be asked to edit the post.

    4. Please use the Search feature. I cannot stress this enough. Please use the Search feature before you make a post asking a question. This is especially true if you are a new user. You will find that common questions have been answered several times already. Not only will you get a speedier response, but the other members will not become frustrated answering your question yet again.

    5. The "Off-Topic" forum is just that, off topic. This forum is designed for things that don't fit into any other categories. For example, posting jokes, pictures of your new pet alligator, the night you spent with Hootie And The Blowfish, etc. Being off topic, this forum has a few looser rules than the others, but people are still expected to behave in a respectable manner.

    6. No porn. Period. I don't think this needs an explanation. If you want porn, there are a lot of other forums that contain copious amounts. The Honda Tuner forum at is the first one that comes to mind.

    7. Moderators will become more active. Very simply, this forum is expanding with a great number of new users. Because of this, it looks like the moderators may need to step up a little and become involved. This means that topics will be moved accordingly, useless postings to the wrong forum will be closed, etc. Note: I do not want this to turn into a moderator free for all. It is up to the moderators to act responsibly and use discretion.

    That's basically it. You will see that most of these guidelines fall into the common sense category. If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to let the moderators know.
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